Derrick Hedalen grew up in Broadwater County and did commercial electrical work for Gerald Nash Electric for almost seven years. After Nash retired, Hedalen decided to start his own business based out of his hometown. Hedalen started Green Source Electric in 2015 and has been growing his business and expanding his employee base ever since. Green Source Electric employs multiple electricians, including Master Electricians, Apprentices, and Journeymen.

Green Source provides numerous electrical services, including necessary household electrical service work, new construction, and commercial work. They also offer agricultural electrical repair and installation, such as pivot repair, and since Hedalen is an avid airman, the company also works on runway lights around the state. One of the larger contracts Green Source holds is with the Montana Department of Transportation for their electric repair and maintenance.

They take pride in completing custom electrical jobs on time and within budget. Hedalen works with customers to add design elements that give your home, business or shop functionality, efficiency, and a focal statement.

One of the biggest things that make Green Source Electric unique as an electric company is their specialty of knowing every piece of electric equipment that will save someone money on their energy bill. They “promote energy efficiency and excellence,” when they are working with a remodel or new construction, they promote energy-efficient lightbulbs and electrical systems at various price points.

Green Source is a local electric company that is ready and willing to meet any electrical need you might have in Townsend and the surrounding area. If you are looking for an electrician or have an electrical question, please visit, find them on Facebook at, or call 406-465-9593.