Weatherall Builders Inc was established by Helena native Jon Cowie in 2013 and operated the first year or so as a small custom contracting company, specializing in mostly framing and concrete work.  In 2014, Weatherall Builders took on its first custom home project in Sidney, MT.  After returning home to Helena, Weatherall Builders began to secure more projects and start the transition into a volume general contracting company.

The demand for quality-built housing in Helena has been a major driver of the company’s growth. At Weatherall Builders we believe in a systematic approach to the building process with an emphasis on strong quality control measures. We believe that using the right quality materials combined with expert craftsmanship gives the best finished product to our clients. Customer service is also one of our highest priorities. We know that the purchase of a home is typically the largest investment a person will make, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

For several years now, Weatherall Builders has been building exclusively in Mountain View Meadows subdivision, concentrating mostly on condo development.  It has been a privilege to work alongside the subdivision’s developer, Mark Runkle and his wife, Rebecca Ryland to complete 35 condo units in the Craftsman Village neighborhood, as well as 15 single family homes throughout the subdivision.  Most recently, the work has shifted to the Uplands Condo Area, with 12 units under construction and plans to build another 6 in that area alone.

At Weatherall Builders Inc we look forward to serving the Helena community with integrity for years to come.

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