Cotton Construction raises the bar for high quality construction services at fair prices while maintaining a competitive workforce that illustrates professionalism in our interactions with clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and professional associates.

With our collective 75 years of professional experience, we combine large-firm capabilities with a small-firm customer-centric approach.  Our individual and focused approach will guide you through any project, large or small.

Core Values


The safety of the public, clients, and our employees is the responsibility of each staff member of Cotton Construction.  We incorporate safety planning into each aspect of our job and we strive for continuous improvement.


We are straightforward and honest in our professional and business relationships.  All members of the company will be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.


We treat fellow team members, clients, and associates with respect and dignity.  All who associate with Cotton Construction are entitled to conduct business in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.


We accept responsibility for our actions or inactions and we take prompt constructive steps when needed.  We adhere to the goals and standards of each client and work to exceed expectations on each project.


We demonstrate reliability in our daily work to ensure that we maintain a reputation for being dependable in all aspects of business.  Our team is on time for work, provides consistent and quality deliverables, and responds immediately when unforeseen circumstances arise.

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