Downstairs at The Brewhouse has been in business since 2013 yet some folks have yet to discover our
delicious offerings. With lots of open space we are the perfect spot to host larger groups or hide out in a
quaint booth. Not only can you find something for every food palate our beer and wine selection is quite
diverse. After a small kitchen remodel Downstairs at The Brewhouse started serving lunch. We are
proud to announce that Chef Rusty James is back. Rusty was the original chef upstairs from 1996 to
2011. Rachel Richardson will continue to manage the dining room. Rachel has been with the company
since 2015 and frankly I couldn’t do it without her. I’m Jackie Hudoba the general manager of both
restaurants. The question I get asked the most is “how long have you worked at The Brewhouse”. The
answer is 22 years. Keeping things afloat the past year has been difficult, but I wake up every day with a
smile on my face. I tie my tennis shoes and head to The Brewhouse. Stop by and grab a bite to eat. You
will see some of the same faces and some new energetic folks happy to serve you.

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