Our origin dates back to the early 70’s when Mike, Dustin’s father, installed sprinkler systems with the late Jerry Knifer as Rainmaker Sprinklers. With Mike’s help, Dustin Bergstrom started Dusty’s Sprinklers in 1989; during his Freshman year at Highwood High School. He began by installing a few hand-dug systems for local teachers before investing in equipment. Dustin then employed a few close friends and family members; some who are still with Dusty’s today.  An original goal of earning funds for college transformed into a lasting and fulfilling career.

30 years later, Dusty’s continues to install and service sprinkler systems in and around Great Falls, MT.
Dusty’s has installed sprinklers state-wide, even going as far as North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Our history is important and has shaped us into what we are today.
Dusty’s is a company that cares about providing quality installations and dependable customer service.

For more information, visit www.dustysprinklers.com !

Dustin and Mike