Montana’s #1 Worker’s Compensation Program

Through the efforts of the Montana Building Industry Association (MBIA) and the Montana State Fund, a select insurance group of MBIA members has been created. The GRIP program is available to all MBIA members and has saved participating members more than $5.5 million of the past sixteen years!

GRIP members are eligible for a refund if the group’s workers compensation premiums exceed the group’s expense and claim costs. If the group qualifies for a refund, each individual refund is based on individual performance and paid on a prorated, percentage basis. A poor group performance cannot affect your individual premium and you will never be required to pay more than your basic premium.

GRIP is a powerful group incentive program and a very effective performance driven system. Grip allows you to take charge of your insurance costs by reducing lost-time accidents and providing a workplace that is both safer and in compliance with OSHA. The GRIP program is over 400 members strong and includes: contractors, lumberyards, banks, furniture stores, insurance companies and mortgage brokers just to name a few.

MBIA/GRIP promotes an ongoing safety culture within my company by identifying risks, providing safety training, and financial incentives for safe performance.

Bill Pierce, Pierce & Associates

GRIP Offers You…

Free Safety Training & Certifications

Have GRIP safety personnel certify your employees for forklift, PAT, scaffolding and First Aid/CPR. Once a month a GRIP safety specialist conducts free 1-hour OSHA compliant safety meetings on a variety of useful topics.

Free Onsite Consultations

GRIP safety consultants will come to you for any site specific training needs and can inspect your work site for hazards and/or any potential OSHA violations.

Free Written Safety & Health Programs

GRIP offers written safety and health programs that can be tailored to fit your company.

Requirements to be in GRIP

  • Must be a member of the Montana Building Industry Association

  • Have the Montana State Fund as your workers’ compensation provider

  • Maintain a mod factor of less than 1.3

  • Complete and return the GRIP registration form

Registration Form
Training Schedeule

Montana State Fund presents $540,000 return to MBIA

HELENA — Montana State Fund presented the Montana Building Industry Association (MBIA) with a $539,902 check Thursday morning for their efforts to improve workplace safety.

MBIA instituted a Group Retention Insurance Program, or GRIP, which help foster safe workplaces for construction sites….READ MORE